Our goal is to satisfy our desire for creating miniature rooms & dollhouses while helping out charity causes around the world. This is a win-win situation. We can donate more this way than by our own individual donations AND you can get a gorgeous miniature room or dollhouse for far less than you would normally pay. We also hope to raise more as a group than each individual item could be sold for. Miniature rooms will be $25 donation per entry and dollhouses will be $50 donation per entry (possibly more depending on the dollhouse). This blog will serve as our progress/update site as well as our auction site.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


oh i have been absent far too long!  i hope to get back on track now that Pezza is in school again!  i am also feeling my annual burst of renewed energy and vigor now that the mornings are getting a bit crisper!

i have lots to write about but for today a quick post to show you something i made for a swap i joined on the All Things Miniature yahoo group for halloween:

*squeal* oh how i love when something turns out just the way i pictured in my head!  These are done by hand with Pardo Polymer clay (by far the easiest polymer clay to work with.)  I was partially guided by a tutorial in a book I have called The Sculpey Way with Polymer Clay.  Excellent book - i highly recommend it!

i sure hope my swap partners like them - can't wait to see what arrives in return!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

How can anyone be upset with your MIAness when you come back with those CUTIES?!?!?

Seriously, polymer clay is JUST like gumpaste, so can you move to Canada and let's open a cake shop together? You can make all the figures and shapes because I totally can't do ANY!!!

I'm sure your swap buddies will totally SWOON over these cuties! I LOVE their eyes!!! They remind me of the biggest, liquidy-est puppy dog begging eyes! I want to take them all home!!! LOL