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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

room box contest!

so i was thinking the other day how i don't have enough to do......for those reading who know me well you can pick yourself up off the floor from laughing.  anyway, i really want to do some room boxes in addition to full houses.  My first trip in to the dollhouse shop in Vienna, Once Upon A Time i noticed a Real Good Toys room box kit for $20 so i grabbed it.  turns out OUAT is having a little contest.  OF COURSE i had to jump in!  i will be making a craft room and after it is displayed at OUAT i will raffle it off!  the proceeds will go to charity of course!

i worked on the interior of the walls before i put it together - i painted and cut the moldings i will be using. 

wow oh wow did learning to cut crown molding SUCK!  BUT i am proud to say i mastered it...and then went back to the store to purchase more because by the time i figured it out i had no useable pieces left......

it was finally time to get the walls glued together.  the instructions said to place all of the pieces face down and tape the back and then turn the whole assembly over to glue....

okaaaaaaaayyyyy...if i had eight arms......i managed to get it turned over and did a test fit before adding glue (thank goodness...)

because THAT is NOT right.....

i switched the two side pieces and got everything into place and glued and taped

yes that's my daughter Pezza - my ever-present little helper peeking over the top...

so here is the basic look of the room so far
next step - getting those molding pieces painted and installed!

i have been working on a piece about the shop - Once Upon A Time - i have pics of their incredible display as well as an interview with one of the owners - i hope to get that up soon!

Want to see what else i do in my "spare" time?  head over to my other blog Pezadoodle Designs!

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Catherine said...

Wow! When you first said room box and showed the walls, I thought it was the size of a shoe box! I was like, awww, what a sweet teeny tiny little room!

I didn't get the scope of it until I saw that Pezzy practically fits inside it!!! Great job on putting the room together and figuring out the molding! LOL - your style of blogging totally cracks me up! And it was a good tip about taping everything together first before gluing! I would have been gluing all willy nilly right away and swearing because I couldn't hold everything together at once while the glue dried!