Our goal is to satisfy our desire for creating miniature rooms & dollhouses while helping out charity causes around the world. This is a win-win situation. We can donate more this way than by our own individual donations AND you can get a gorgeous miniature room or dollhouse for far less than you would normally pay. We also hope to raise more as a group than each individual item could be sold for. Miniature rooms will be $25 donation per entry and dollhouses will be $50 donation per entry (possibly more depending on the dollhouse). This blog will serve as our progress/update site as well as our auction site.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

starting on the trimwork...

hi folks!

well i FINALLY got back to work on the dollhouse today.  it has been a bit neglected lately.  i think i am a bit intimidated by the upcoming steps...mostly the windows.

i got all of my little bracket pieces glued on

to make it easier to put the brackets on the instructions said to turn the house upside down - brilliant!  however. i wish i had done that when i was doing the gingerbread trim on the porch...

WOW! not even close to straight.  but now i know for next time right?  Plum Pudding will be perfect when I put that one together!

I also thought i would work on getting the rest of my trim strips done.  so i measured, cut, glued and realized it was not supposed to go there.
needless to say it did not come off without a fight. *sigh* i am hoping Real Good Toys can send me a replacement piece :P
I painted the rooftop and pulled out all the window trim that needs painting too.  having two little helpers made me get SO much done:

this is our newest addition. he started as a foster kitten we were going to watch for a few days so he could play with our other fosters but he was just SO awesome (he is Maine Coon like our other cats) that hubby just couldn't bring him to the adoption event.  i call him little man but hubby has named him Bubba.

Tiger - one of our other Maine Coons, decided to join in.
she is a LOT of kitty

next thing i know little man is back in there and they are playing through the stair hole

Tiger decided to try out the tower

she is a bit large for it.....

if the cats still want to visit once it is furnished that may be a real problem....

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Catherine said...

Awww, sorry about your gluing mishaps, but you're right, the next Dollhouses can only get better and better! But, I'd still like to say, I'm loving this house too! I think the other things add character! It makes it a Marti original! LOL!

Gotta say, I *LOVE* your helpers!!! They're quality assurance. They're just trying to make sure that the new people who move into it will LOVE the space! LOL