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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Field Trip!!!

So Pezza and I decided to take a bit of a field trip this week to a toy store in Vienna (about an hour away) called Once Upon A Time.  First my friend Christine told me about it then my Mother In Law told me about it so i figured it was a sign we needed to go check it out.  WOW!  totally worth the drive!

It is a toy store like the old fashioned type - meaning the really good toys - playmobile, american girl dolls, you know TOYS.  not battery operated hunks of plastic junk.  then in the back was the dollhouse area.  my oh my....

This is just a small picture of it from their website - i didn't realize i would need my camera - but it will come with me next time.  why? well do you see the small portion of completed dollhouse on the right and the table with the green drape?  that is a HUGE platform with about 8 or so completed, furnished dollhouses set up around a miniature fully landscaped courtyard. SO. FREAKIN. COOL.

we didn't do much buying that day - just several hours of taking it all in.  i did buy a few items for some furniture i want to make and an unfinished bookshelf for a roombox i am planning.  Hollyn behaved perfectly and came home with a few new miniature items herself.  i think i could have stayed there all day!

now if only i could get all my work done so i could get back to work on my own dollhouse.....

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Catherine said...

Next up, 9 hour field trip to CANADA!!! I've already told Bart he's on babysitting duty! *LOL*