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Friday, July 15, 2011

Painting...& painting...

Hooray for fridays!!!

does anyone have big plans for the weekend?  we are supposed to get a break in the high temps and only be in the 80s - that will be a welcome change!!!  it has been stifling here on most days!  and boy does Pezza need to get outside and burn some energy!

a big thanks to those who have voted on my next house so far - i hope to hear from more folks!  right now Plum Pudding is definitely in the lead!  Check out yesterday's post for pics and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog to cast your vote!

I am currently working on getting all of the rest of the bazillion itty bitty trim pieces painted.  BAZILLION folks!  i have finished all of the shutter components:

You can see bits of the green gingerbread at the top of the pic - i have all of those painted as well.

This is the basic shutter configuration.  the shutter base is green, the panels on top are pale yellow and the flower boxes are dark purple.  when i get to the actual window frames they will most likely be pale yellow also.  i can't decide how i will do the flower boxes.  there are some amazing miniature artists out there that create flowering garden type things.  but i also might use some Flower Soft too....

This is the pile of trim i still have left - these will all be dark purple but i ran out of paint.  so i have been working on this set of things today.  who knows - maybe i will get the rest of my work done so i can glue a few bits on!

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Catherine said...

I vote Flower Soft!!! I love cross-hobby uses for stuff! I've had to stop myself from thinking I could spray fondant with shimmer mist to get a nice shimmery hint of colour on my cakes! *LOL*

You can also use Tim's/Ranger's crackle paint for something! It can be a shabby chic house! *LOL* I went on MSN to find you today but you're not on...are you off on a Pezzy-filled adventure or should I try finding you online another way???