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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I need your help to decide!

hi everyone!

fun news today - it turns out Real Good Toys (makers of the dollhouse i am currently building) just loves to sponsor charity dollhouse builds!  They offered to sponsor me so I have narrowed it down to TWO choices but i can't pick.  so i thought i would solicit some votes and see what y'all think!  it is between these two:

Cranberry Cove

Plum Pudding
I think the biggest difference between them is the second story porch on Plum Pudding.  So what do y'all think???  BE SURE TO VOTE - scroll all the way down and look for the poll - it is small.  i wish i could make it stand out more.  but it's there so help me decide!


ThePurplePlace said...

That is so exciting for you and I'm thrilled!!

I think you already know me well enough to know what my favorite is, but for the record I'm going to say PLUM PUDDING! Love it!!

I also love that is has a deck on both stories and the that the stairs are not in the middle!!

Congratulations and have FUN!!


Michele Spera said...

Very cool Marti
My vote is for Plum Pudding:-)

Anonymous said...

I love the Plum Pudding altho they
are both so cute.

Shirley Birnbaum

Roxann said...

I'm different....I like the Cranberry house. Love the way the porch is built.

Colleen Holmes said...

Congratulations on the sponsoring! I love both of the houses and really like the color of the Cranberry Cove. The double porch, stairs on outside wall the design at the tippy top or the house sold me on Plum Pudding!! Good Luck!! Hugz Colleen

Catherine said...

I also voted for the plum pudding!!!!

Chris P's Minis and More said...

Plum Pudding for my vote!!