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Friday, July 8, 2011

Pezza's House: trim


This is our first post on the official Dotted Daisy Designs dollhouse blog.  of course we have no followers/subscribers so it's kinda funny - i have no idea if it will ever be read :P  but you gotta start somewhere right?  so here i am.  i did the blog design myself which i love to do.  right now i am working on my first dollhouse EVER and i am LOVING it!  it will be for my daughter Hollyn (we call her Pezza).  It is an Allison Jr by Real Good Toys and I have been extremely pleased with it but of course i have nothing to compare it to either!

Next I will begin a project for charity which is what this blog is really for!

But on to the current house.  the shell has been completed other than the very top.  It was time to work on the porch and my first trim portion.  This was exciting because i go to see how my other colors would all look together.  the house itself is pale purple.  the trim colors are dark purple, pale yellow and medium green.
The instructions had what is probably the BEST painting tip i have ever read anywhere - paint on wax paper.  your pieces won't stick like on newspaper DOH!!!  BRILLIANT! (that's my fave coffee cup in the background with my fave saying/response - "really" - it works for ANYthing!)  the trim was not NEARLY the nightmare i thought it would be.  of course i have only done the trim that is part of the front porch - i have QUITE a bit more to go!
The porch floors and main poles are the dark purple.
the other trim is the green and the foundation and rails are the pale yellow.  i am using the sample jars from benjamin moore - creamy yellow, homestead green & cupid's dart.  the house color i had to get mixed because i needed so much - it is lilly lavender.  while these sample jars are a great size they are flat and i think they might be better if they were semi-gloss.  i will try that out next time...

i hope to get the rooftop on this weekend and begin all of the outside trim pieces and windows - at least the painting of it all!  it's a bit intimidating but the whole thing has been easier than i expected every step of the way so i hope this part will be too!


Kim said...

AMAZING work Marti! I can't wait to see it finished! Pezza must be in love already!!! :) LOVE the blog look too...you are so darn talented girl! I wish I had a sliver of your talent!!! Can't wait to see you at CHA!!!

ThePurplePlace said...

WOW! I am ver impressed with how far you have come!! I LOVE it and the colors....well you know me and they are PERFECT..love them.

Your new blog is also absolutely adorable!! You are a wonder-women and soooo talented!!

Keep up the great work! I'm now following this new blog too!!


Colleen Holmes said...

Wow Marti! I am super impressed! This is totally going to be one gorgeous house when you are done! Your blog looks very cute and chic...I love it! Good luck with your new adventure and can't wait to see the final piece!! Hugz, Colleen