Our goal is to satisfy our desire for creating miniature rooms & dollhouses while helping out charity causes around the world. This is a win-win situation. We can donate more this way than by our own individual donations AND you can get a gorgeous miniature room or dollhouse for far less than you would normally pay. We also hope to raise more as a group than each individual item could be sold for. Miniature rooms will be $25 donation per entry and dollhouses will be $50 donation per entry (possibly more depending on the dollhouse). This blog will serve as our progress/update site as well as our auction site.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Me: look honey, i put the porch all together on the dollhouse
Hubby: um...what about this unfinished edge that you glued the railing and gingerbread too?
Me: huh?
Hubby: Well how are you going to cover that up?  do you have to cut out all of the areas where it will go around the porch railing and stuff?
Me: uhhhhh......well i don't know.  i haven't got to that part yet...

skip ahead a few days - time to paint all of the trim pieces.  but first i have to figure out exactly what each one is so i know what color to paint it.   hmmmm....small trim pieces...i can't find this anywhere in my steps to come.....uh oh.  i look backwards...ooohhh.  it's the trim for the porch...you know, where the railing is glued on....that hubby mentioned......daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmn.

SO the whole porch (that i showed you proudly in my last post) had to come apart.  *sniff sniff*  BUT boy does it look good with that trim in place!
 The piece that was missing is the dark purple strip (painted by pezza) where the railing meets the wall.  I also added the rest of the vertical dark purple strips of trim that cover the raw edges of the house body pieces. - this whole process takes ALOT of tape:

it really does make the house look good!
 I also got the rooftop on - gotta love all those old textbooks i held onto after graduation!

you can also see the kitchen items Pezza picked out.  I will be adding some paint to them once the dining room furniture arrives so they won't be plain white.

Next up - the rest of the trim - little decorative brackets and such, shutters and WINDOWS.  i have glanced (perhaps this time i will read it a little more closely than i read the porch instructions......

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Angela B. said...

What a fun project! This looks like so much fun putting together! Love it!!