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Friday, October 28, 2011

baking day - in mini!

hi all!

pezza and i have done some baking!  mini baking. i love to dabble in polymer clay - pardo by viva decor is my hands down favorite.  making mini food looks so fun.  and it is all so adorable.  and expensive.  so i came across a tutorial on you tube for a cherry pie. for the most part i HATE video tutorials.  but this one was so good i proceeded to watch her videos and cruise her website for most of the morning!

pezza and i got to work and here is what we came up with:

 pezza made the pancakes and was QUITE tickled with herself i might add.  she also made the scrambled eggs and hardboiled eggs.
here are my pies.  not exactly the way i envisioned but not bad for my first try at it!  i am especially proud of the apple pie.  i wanted to cut a piece out and put it on a plate but i was not quite sure i could manage it.  maybe next time......next we hope to make some cakes and breads!

do you have a favorite place for tutorials on making mini food?

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