Our goal is to satisfy our desire for creating miniature rooms & dollhouses while helping out charity causes around the world. This is a win-win situation. We can donate more this way than by our own individual donations AND you can get a gorgeous miniature room or dollhouse for far less than you would normally pay. We also hope to raise more as a group than each individual item could be sold for. Miniature rooms will be $25 donation per entry and dollhouses will be $50 donation per entry (possibly more depending on the dollhouse). This blog will serve as our progress/update site as well as our auction site.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the best miniature houses EVER

oh my poor neglected blog :)

life sure is BUSY!  when last i posted i promised to give you a look at the best miniature houses i have EVER seen from my trip to the molly cromwell show.  the creator is M.R. Daniels.  she. is. awesome.  not just her work but as a person.  she had no problem telling me all about how she does her houses and answering all of my questions.  even had the patience of a saint when Pezza kept touching her stuff.

her work - just fills me with inspiration!  THIS is what i want to do.  my biggest obstacle - getting the wood pieces cut for the basic structure.  hubby has all the tools and could easily do it - it is just finding the time and getting him TO DO IT.  so this is what i asked for for xmas :)  OR i am going to have to learn to do it myself - which scares me.  sharp things WITH motors - not my fave thing.  so everyone cross your fingers for me that i can convince him to do it for me......

on with the amazing pictures!

and her room boxes:

this is my goal....

she is teaching at the philadelphia miniaturia show on nov 7th.  i'd give my right arm to be there but it doe not look like it's going to happen.  maybe one day........

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